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Dear donors,

Please select here the amount you would like to donate to support the construction of our new, beautiful cat shelter. Our organisation entirely depends on donations in reaching our goals. 

So, any amount is very welcome. We are a foundation with ANBI (i.e. non-profit) status, which means your donation could result in a tax benefit for you.

You would be helping us to build a unique cat shelter in the Netherlands that enables us to take in cats in a more animal-friendly way. As a result, not only will cats be less stressed but there will be less risk of contagious and other diseases, which in turn increases the chance of cats being re-homed. In addition, it will allow us to create a very deserved and comfortable work place for our permanent staff and all our volunteers.

Thank you for your support!

Wieteke Drummen, Chair 
Astrid Westerman, Secretary 
Carlo Bakker, Treasurer
Ria Kater, General Committee Member