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Why a new cat shelter

Cat shelter Oostzaan was set up 40 years ago and now desperately needs a new building. The current accommodation at Zuideinde at Oostzaan has clearly seen better days and is bursting at the seams. Due to poor insulation, the shelter gets very warm during the summer and is too cold during the winter.

Another problem is that cats have been cared for in groups in relatively small rooms. The lack of space easily leads to conflicts and makes it easier for contagious and other diseases to spread. Cats become unnecessarily stressed because of this. Frightened cats withdraw more quickly and, as a result, are often less likely to be spotted by people who come to adopt a cat.

We really want to change all this. The municipality of Oostzaan has given us a unique opportunity to build a new cat shelter where cats can be taken in and cared for in a more animal-friendly way. This will improve the cats’ well-being, which in turn will hopefully speed up the process of finding perfect owners for them.

This website is specifically designed to encourage sponsorship of the new building and to keep all donors – hopefully you! – updated on the latest developments. We sincerely hope you will support us in this wonderful project. On behalf of all our cats: Thank you!